Connecting Communities with Education at Heart

Unified Platform for Islamic Centers and their Communities

In the era of continuous information exchange, communities need highly available & easy to use communication platform. Bayyan brings a Unified Communication platform that helps communities to be informed and connected in real time.

School Management

  • Admission Management
  • Student Management
  • Student Attendance
  • Groups (Class) Management
  • Staff Management
  • Homework Assignment
  • Communication
  • Holiday Management
  • Progress Report

Donation Management

  • Four Ways To Give
  • Quickbooks Integration
  • Recurring Payments
  • Tax Receipts
  • Cash & Check Gift Entry
  • Instant Email Receipts
  • Weekly/Monthly Summary Statement
  • Weekly/Monthly Reminders
  • Gift & Deposite Reporting (Customise Report)

Salah Time Board

  • Centralized Salah and Azan Time Management
  • Real-Time Community Message Update
  • Centralized Salah and Azan time management
  • Hijiri Calendar Support

iOS & Android App

  • Lightweight & User Friendly
  • Online Donation
  • Adhan & Iqama Time
  • Friday Khateeb Schedule
  • Upcoming Events
  • School Management

Website (Mobile Friendly)

  • Online School Registration
  • Online Advertising Form
  • Online Donation
  • Salah & Adhan Time Management
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Friday Khutba Management
  • Upcoming Event Management
  • User & Mobile Friendly

Connect & Communicate

  • Community Website
  • Mobile Apps
  • Social Media Integration
  • Online Registration
  • Pay Online
  • Message Anytime
  • Informed via Notifications
  • Text / SMS
  • Email
  • Chat within platform via app or website

Scale and Secure

  • Built on the enterprise level software technology
  • Enhanced secure with PCI compliance
  • Each Islamic Community has its own instance of platform with top data security
  • One platform for any community size & built to scale without enhancements

Ease and Automated

  • Fully automated registration process
  • Minimum human intervention on communication and day to day tasks
  • Automatic data collection and report generation
  • Simple user interface within app or website
  • Self service portal for admins and parents

"The interactive online platform of ICJC Sunday school is using has made our day to day routine not only time efficient but also helped tremendously with communication between school staff and parents. We are now conveniently able to manage enrollment, update attendance, homework, policies and much more with ease on our phones or computers. I specially find the mass email feature very helpful. As the principal of the school, I am quite pleased with the implementation of this program and its ability to grow and customize with our needs"

Vara Rashid

Principal of ICJC Sunday School